Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Are you planning to take a vacation soon? If so, you may need to board your dog while you are away. It can be hard to leave that cute furry face behind, but boarding is often the best option for keeping your pet healthy, happy, and safe when you leave town. Read on for some helpful tips from a local Loma Linda, CA vet about boarding your canine buddy.

Choosing A Kennel

There are definitely some things to look for in a kennel. You don’t want to trust your beloved pet to just anyone! Look for places with great referrals and credentials. The kennel should also require proof of Fido’s vaccinations and registration, as well as pertinent medical information. Stay away from any place that does not ask for these documents. (Note: this doesn’t always apply if you board with your vet, as they would already have that information.)

Test Run

Before leaving your four-legged buddy at his doggy hotel for a long stay, schedule him for a shorter visit, such as an overnight visit. That way, by the time you go out of town, your canine pal will already be acquainted with his home away from home.


Be sure to check with the kennel before packing for your pup. Every kennel has different regulations. Some places don’t mind if you bring your own toys and bedding, while others prefer to use their own things. If you do pack food, treats, and/or medicine for Fido, include a few extra days’ worth, just to be on the safe side.


Make sure to give any special instructions in writing. Unless you have great penmanship, use a printer, rather than hand writing your notes. Keep your instructions clear and concise. While the story of how Fido once ate your rent check may be cute, the staff will find it more useful to know that he is terrified of thunderstorms. Also, make sure to provide up-to-date contact information.


Make sure that you are clear on the kennel’s schedule for picking up your canine companion and dropping him off. It can be hard to leave your furry best friend behind, but try to avoid drawn-out farewells. They will just make it harder for both you and Fido!

Do you need to schedule boarding? Contact us, your Loma Linda, CA pet clinic, anytime! We are always happy to help!

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